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These inventors have enjoyed working with us:

Invention resource international client
"As an engineer, I was always trying to find a better way to do things. While golfing, I realized that most people turn their shoulders and misalign their puts. I solved this by inventing a putter that squares the putter face to the intended line, which corrects for user misalignment."
Peter G, Invention Resource International client


Invention resource international client
"My husband would call me at work every morning complaining about the danger of my hot curling iron left on the bathroom sink. I realized there must be a way to solve this dangerous situation, and I came up with the idea for a heat resistant case to safely place my curling iron into immediately after use."
Connie B, Invention Resource International client


 "I would just like to thank Invention Resource International for the superb work that was done on my invention. I have not had any disappointments at all, in fact all the work was done in a timely fashion just as you promised. You have proven to be a company that values its customers. I am so very glad that I select Invention Resourse International to launch my invention. I know with the superior work that your doing and the beauty of my invention I am going to enjoy great success." Roshell M., Invention Resource International client

"I have been a customer of IRI since February of 2009, and I'm thrilled with the way the company functions.  An outline to follow your progress along with regular updates.  Thorough and complete from beginning to end, you feel that you are always "connected" to your invention in a way that you are part of the process."
Bob H., Invention Resource International client 

"I wanted to thank IRI for all the assistance in helping to make my invention a reality.  I thought IRI did an excellent job of preparing all of the documentation necessary for my invention, reporting the news, and placing it in the proper market context.  Again, I appreciate all the hard work IRI has done."  William M., Invention Resource International client