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Inventions for Manufacturers

Marketers and Manufacturers:
We Have Ideas Ready for You to License!

As a marketer or manufacturer, you can gain access to detailed information about our clients' new product ideas by registering for Invention Resource International’s virtual prototype Web catalogue, which is located at, and our catalogue of new idea and inventions, located at (See registration information below.)

Once you've registered, you’ll have unlimited access to numerous innovative ideas that are ready for you to license. Companies like yours spend huge resources searching out new ideas, products and innovations to help you maintain a competitive edge. Invention Resource International maintains Catalogues of such cutting-edge items, all pictured and described in detail via virtual prototypes and customized invention Web pages.

Our Catalogues cover a variety of industries and are available to any company in the world. Whether it's a new tool, a modification of an existing household product, or a high-end software program, our Catalogues provide you with an indispensable resource.

If you are a registered marketer or manufacturer, please have your user name and password ready, and view our Catalogues of new products and inventions.

How to Register

If you are a manufacturer who does not yet have a registered user name and password and would like to obtain one, please register at You will be asked to supply us with your company name, area of manufacture/distribution by SIC or NAICS code, phone number, address and federal tax-ID number. We will then supply you with a user name/password by email within 24 hours.