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Do you email the idea to an anonymous website, or, do you meet with the world's largest group of invention experts?

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Your ideas are too valuable to trust to someone you've never met.

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Invention Resource International: Professional help for your idea or patent.

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With offices around the United States and the globe, Invention Resource International is the world's largest and premier inventor assistance organization. We have the skills and resources to help turn your invention into reality. We offer a full range of inventor services including virtual prototyping, patent referral, invention publicity, product brochure design, product web page production, licensing negotiations and more.

If you have an invention, contact us, and then come in to one of our many offices to meet one of our professional marketing consultants face-to-face, where we will sign a confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement right there in front of you, for your protection. Then, if you agree, we can begin taking our steps … research, prototyping, licensing and more … toward making your dream a reality!